Development that fuels performance

Sourcecode is the digital content and development hub from The Culture Builders. Developed by our team of former business leaders, directors and functional leads and inspired by our extended faculty of Olympians, performance pilots and creativity trailblazers - it’s not your usual ‘learning hub’. 

When it comes to inspiration, development and growth, nothing beats live interventions, whether delivered face to face or virtually, individually or collectively. However, in today’s global, complex and challenging world (now more than ever before), live isn’t always possible. 

Sourcecode taps into the thinking, content and inspiration that makes our live sessions so unique, and serves it on-demand for a wider audience. It’s the next-best choice when time zones, urgency or budget means that an in-person (including virtual) intervention isn’t possible. 

Each digital module is made up of a rich suite of stimulus, development materials and multimedia content - designed to deliver a learning experience that’s inspirational, practical and leading edge. 

Sourcecode is based on our own business experience across a wide range of sectors and functions. It builds on the stories of those we have been inspired by and is powered by the thinking and content that fuels our work. 

Three ways to learn

  • For individuals

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  • For teams

    Group learning tools and specific modules for shared development and learning - explore our modules above or Contact Us to find out more.

  • For organisations

    Bespoke learning areas, enterprise solutions and tailored content to meet organisational needs. Contact Us to talk more about your needs.